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Note that the index pulse occurs because one white segment has been blackened on the encoding wheel in the area sensed by the index opto, but left white in the area sensed by the step opto. AC power control: The relay lets you turn power on and off without running the 120VAC levels over the control cable. Of the 3 resistor wires, you need to connect to the high voltage side and the "wiper" or middle wire. Click here to see a schematic of this first generation of Venus 2000 speed control. Here is a picture to show you the idea. I will describe the innards of the modern Venus 2000 power unit and the few adjustments you might make inside there. Atlantis bischberg suche sex in münchen. NEW IN* Venus Textured Receiver Liner Sleeves are now available. These are made to measure and we use the measurements you supply for the Receiver Unit for these. This was fabricated using a reed switch from. You can even find replacement or extension hoses for both stroke control and receiver main hoses.

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Tech Phone Ext: Tech Fax. Vi er alle mere eller mindre fortrolige med fantasier, som ofte finder deres udspring i de dybere uforløste længsler, traumer, frygt og spændinger. First Generation, the Venus 2000 is a machine designed to stroke the penis. Varme Video i høj kvalitet. The first generation Venus speed controller was made using 6 relays controlled from the laptop's parallel port. Venus is a South Central Wisconsin social swing group that is dedicated to having rties and Events will be in the Madison/South Central rs Shags. Second Generation, the first generation design was used for about 12 months with good success, but I wanted a better solution. For long time users there is an opportunity to find new optimizations in the receivers and their use. But basically the Venus 2000 power unit is a black box, with nothing you need to regularly mess with inside. Optimization of the size and fit of the receiver, or receivers, makes all the difference in how effective the Venus 2000 is for each individual user. They use natural latex as a key component and there is no getting around the fact latex does biodegrade.  The "CS" for being part of the the Controlled Sensations project, and the "2000" part since it controls a Venus 2000. Hos mig er der god tid.

 No number of strokes is set, instead the system continues to run until the set receiver limit is reached. Please note : If you select B below and the difference between the flaccid erect circumference is greater than 3/4 inch, then an additional receiver maybe required. These files work with the. Made to your exact measurements is the reason that The Venus 2000 is one of the most desired bits of kit. For one thing, the area of interest for me was the lower portion of the speed range. Beziehung ohne vertrauen österreicher. So if there are so few things that can or should be done to the Venus 2000 power unit, what is there to really optimize about the Venus 2000 system? This is a 12 VDC relay that is energized whenever 12 volts is applied between pins 1 and 5.

The ground plane is used to swingerclubs venus 2000 modifications help act as a heat sink for. A Venus 2000, unless it slipped by with a major manufacturing defect, is not going to fold up and self destruct after a few uses like a lot of mechanical sex toys for men. Index of What These Pages Cover. The Venus 2000 power unit addresses this problem effectively, but the sex chat erfahrungen reie frauen result is neither tiny nor light. I removed the magnet part from it's white housing, and mounted it on the Venus flywheel, while the switch side mounted on the homemade bracket. You decide what you want and Venus complies with your wishes. This later version continues to be my favorite because of its better slow speed power and performance while still having adequate top speed. Indsmurt i sperm og tilfreds, trods alt, sendes fyrene hjem. From left to right are shown: the front view, a close up of the box's control buttons and the rear view. Note that polarity on these wires is not important. Hi, I have been. In my experience, Abco has never failed to respond fairly and professionally to the few problems I have encountered over the years. The Venus 2000 maker does not offer a receiver guide, but for hands free operation the Venus 2000 needs some sort of guide to hold the receiver is proper alignment. Fortunately, Abco supplies all the parts you need to experiment with receivers. The PCB should be mounted such that these parts are about.050" from the encoding wheel. Limit - like Tease, except the system monitors the position of the receiver and if the receiver rises too far (somewhat related to degree of arousal the system will pause for a set interval. Make sure you supply measurements in centimetres only. Note that in order to make this work you will have to hook the wires from J3 up to the Venus 120VAC wiring such that the two wires are in parallel with the switch in the remote control box. So the third cycle delivers three strokes and then pauses for 3 seconds, etc. All of these are quite sensibly priced and you can ord to have quite a collection of such parts. I used 6 relays, which were activated in a binary pattern to create 64 different possible motor speeds. Switch - stroking with two different speeds, typically one faster than the other. Unfortunately the resistor is not referenced to ground. Quantum Controls, a maker of OEM circuits for controlling DC motors.

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  • Venus 2000 - s10boi When shipped from the manufacturer, the device is controlled by a small hand held box which contains an on/off switch, a power indicator, and a variable.
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